Monday, April 14, 2008

Mock NFL Draft & Other Football Info

I'm part of a mock NFL draft that The Hazean is putting together - I will be drafting for the Broncos in just a few more days and am waiting patiently as those ahead of me in in the draft make their selections (we each have a 12 hour window). I already have some pretty solid thoughts on the positions and players that I think the Broncos need most, but if there are any big Broncos fans out there that would like to put their two cents in, please feel free to comment below with your thoughts.

More info from the football world:

  • Speaking of the Broncos, will DJax be coming on over to Denver? Check out the Denver Post's Two Wide Receivers Attract Denver's Eye for more info.
  • I've become a bit of PDF snob - whenever I see something is available in PDF, I immediately assume it must be cooler and better. Terrible logic, yes, but this actually holds true for the Official 2007 NFL Statistics PDF available from Cold, Hard Football Facts. If you had told me last August that the Top Ten Rushers for the 2007 season would include The Edge and Jamal Lewis, I would've called you a liar.
  • One of my favorite sites, Fantasy Football Xtreme (so extreme they don't need that extra E), has redesigned their site a bit - take a look around and check out their Fantasy Football Player Spotlights. Nice work, Xtreme; I like the new site.
More to come later this week!

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The Krafty Librarian said...

Have fun drafting.
I am just itching for the release of the 2008 schedule. I need to know times and dates for these games.

Now that they threw an extra game in on Thanksgiving day (to be broadcast on NFL network) it hampers me making Thankgiving travel arrangements.

If they are playing the Steelers Thanksgiving day I think my husband will have a stroke that 1. He will have to sell his tickets and 2. It will be the first Steelers game in 10 years (since the Browns returned to Cleveland) that he hasn't gone to the game.

Regardless, he informed me if the Browns have a game on Thanksgiving day we have to buy a Slingbox because my parents don't have the NFL Network.