Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Yea for Kansas and Football Stuff

Congrats to Kansas players and fans on your victory last night - as someone who basically had no rooting interest left, I'm just pleased that it was a fun game to watch. I will admit though that the vast majority of my night was spent chatting with friends who came over to enjoy the game. When compared to our Super Bowl gathering of friends, the difference between my game focus with football and basketball is somewhat startling. Funny how I become a crazed maniac during football season who can hardly hold a conversation with guests that isn't punctuated by some commentary on the game or my fantasy teams...last night was so refreshing. Clearly my friendships needed the break from football season.

But onto football news:

  • The Jags signed David Garrard until 2014. Does that freak out anyone else? Not from the Garrard angle (though that could be a whole different topic) but I mean 2014? I can hardly even fathom the idea of 2010 being a mere two years away. 2014 is hard to wrap my mind around. If that's not mind-blowing for you, try this one on for size: next year's college freshman were born in 1990. I think it's official: I'm slowly turning into one of those crotchety old people that comments on how young today's kids are.
  • To continue the quarterback news - Jack Delhomme is throwing his first real football since week 3 of the 2007 season. I've commented on this before, but wow, I wouldn't touch Delhomme with a ten foot pole come fantasy draft time. I kind of like it when my QB has actually been handling a football all year long. Has anyone noticed who Delhomme's backups are by the way? Oh yeah, baby, my fellow Northwestern alum Brett Basanez is poised and ready to go. Basanez was on IR last season with a hand injury, hence why he wasn't part of the rotating QB fun in Carolina last year. Since I remain unconvinced that Delhomme will be in good shape for the whole 2008 season, I'm crossing my fingers for a little Basanez action.
  • Cold, Hard Football Facts has been providing a team-by-team analysis for all 32 NFL teams - check out their work so far at Team-by-team previews: the list.
  • In preparation for the upcoming NFL Draft, Rotoworld is doing a week long look at various team needs. First up, Team Needs: AFC East and North.
  • And don't forget The Huddle's pre-draft prep; read on for team needs and fantasy implications starting with NFL Draft: Team Needs - NFC West.

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