Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Off-field news and NFL draft prep

I'm living in a bit of mayhem right now - two humans, two cats and a dog in 800 square feet. The dog is a temporary addition for the week to help a friend who is out of town, and while she's a great dog, I definitely feel like my life is being ruled by maintaining harmony among animals right now. Our zoo of a family was enjoying some local news last night (I'm a sucker for as much local weather coverage as one human can possibly take in), when I heard about Jay Cutler's tough love for Brandon Marshall. While I think the story was a bit blown out of proportion in the Denver media at least, I do love to see football news in early April. For more updates on stories that might actually matter to fantasy footballers, check out Rotoworld's What you've been missing. Love seeing Tony Scheffler's name there; I guess it's official - Scheff is my new favorite Bronco now that Jason Elam has moved on to the Falcons.

Other football thoughts:

  • Wondering what the pros and cons are of drafting LT in the top 2 for the 2008 season? FF Xtreme has you covered in Fantasy Football Dilemma: LaDainian Tomlinson.
  • NFL Draft speculation is of course running high - check out the NYT's Fifth Down blog for thoughts on how the Dolphins should be spending their time over the next few weeks.
  • FF Toolbox has a quick list of this year's 3rd Year Wide Receivers - which of these players will break out in 2008?
  • Football Outsiders continues to crank out the good stuff with Four Downs: AFC North.
  • Next week I will be participating in a mock NFL draft (just one round) with The Hazean and I will be drafting on behalf of the Broncos. There are a bunch of other football bloggers involved and should be a good time - check out The Hazean's site for follow-up and other general quality football info.
  • Apparently I can't take my own FF advice when it comes to creating a bracket for the NCAA tourney. I committed one of the worst types of errors one could make - never, ever put your personal team or player preferences first in these sorts of scenarios. I picked the Final Four of my bracket based on which schools I had a familial connection in, my sister went to Stanford so I threw my support behind the Cardinal and had them going to the Final Four. And how did that work out for me? Um, not one of my Final Four teams is still standing. Apparently my family members need to start attending schools with better basketball programs. Next year I vow to be far more ruthless with my bracket. So consider this a reminder that just because you have a man-crush (or in my case, just a crush) on a player, you do not (and likely should not) need to draft him. Or else you'll end up like my poor friend Ethan who can't get over his love for Marc Bulger and Steven Jackson, drafts them every year, and paid for it in 2007.
Wish me luck with my brood of animals this week. More football links soon!


MM said...

Thanks for the plug!

Anonymous said...

I'm high on Tony Scheffler for 2008 as well. Can't really explain it other than gut feeling about him. Maybe he is my favorite Bronco too.