Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Time to Pencil in Your Football Plans

The 2008 NFL schedules have been released, my football friends. I'm sure you are all eagerly penciling in your favorite match-ups and - if you're like me - thinking about which games you're going to have to miss due to mandatory wedding attendance requirements (note to self: remember not to tell your sister how you'll really need Internet access to set your fantasy lineup over the weekend of her wedding; might not go over well that Frank Gore's performance could weigh more heavily on my mind than her nuptials).

Haven't had a chance to see the schedules yet? Find 'em here at And sure, there are probably tons of journalists (and sports enthusiasts) eagerly spewing forth their thoughts on the best match-ups - for a taste of something different, turn to Cold, Hard Football Facts for a fresh slant with The dogs of war.

Other items to check out this week include:

  • The guys over at Sports Data Hub are putting together a team-by-team analysis of draft needs - check out their Blog section for all the write-ups thus far.
  • Chad Johnson maintains he wants nothing to do with the Bengals...
  • I may be alone on this one here, but when I saw Gregg Rosenthal's Research Idea post, I started to salivate. When combined, the words "research" and "football" are simply irresistible, to borrow a phrase from Robert Palmer. I've got a few library conferences on the docket over the next few weeks, but once those are over I may just try my hand at this research idea of his.
  • Sports Grumblings has some interesting thoughts up in Small Hype, Big Hopes on some of the lower profile moves during free agency.
  • Check out the Huddle's Running Backs and Teams that Need Them - a note for those of you in an office or other such setting, this is a video.

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Unknown said...

We dropped of the face of the Earth for awhile, but we're back! Having trouble thinking of anything football related to talk about, so we're going to rant on random minutiae until things get heated up. It's good to see that you're maintaining your usual level of excellence, even when there isn't much going on (in our opinion). Keep up the fantastic work. And get ready for the season...TJI's going to make the playoffs this year or we're retiring for good. (This time we mean it).