Monday, June 23, 2008

Acquiring Fantasy Ammo

I spent part of my weekend in my local Barnes & Noble perusing the various fantasy football magazines available. I got a little bit sidetracked while reading the prognosis for my Northwestern Wildcats in some of the college football mags, but I walked out of the bookstore with three fantasy football magazines (and don't worry, a book of fiction, for those concerned about a librarian who only reads fantasy football materials). While I plan on spending blog time later comparing some of the magazines, I would like to note that of the 4 fantasy magazines I now own, Adrian Peterson is on the cover of 3; and those 3 also use a bright yellowish shade in the title. Did market research show that fantasy footballers are drawn to yellow headlines or is this just a function of matching AP's Vikings jersey? More actual comparisons beyond cover preferences to come...but in the meantime, there are headlines and articles to read!

  • FFToday's Weekly Gut Check column brings us the 2008 Breakout Wide Receivers. Eschewing the standard 3rd year WR breakout theory, this article looks at the receivers that have the highest probability of achieving a 150-point fantasy season and narrows it down to a manageable list of 13 receivers.
  • For more receiver love, check out The Hazean's Monday Morning Rehab, which is entirely dedicated to WRs in the news. Note The Hazean's new site - very fancy.
  • The Bruno Boys are updating their site with team-by-team fantasy forecasts, which includes a 2007 recap, a 2008 crystal ball and rookies to watch. Good stuff - check out the Colts for an example, but there are many, many more.
  • Call me a homer but I've gotta share the Cutler love in Sporting News' Cutler has regained his fastball - and control of his life.
  • Read up on which of your favorite fantasy RBs might be looking at the increasingly popular committee approach in FF Toolbox's Running Back by Committee (RBBC) update.
  • Questioning whether or not you should go RB-RB in rounds 1 and 2 in this year's fantasy draft? You're not alone - read the FF Geek Blog's The RB-RB approach, dissected for more.
  • But draft strategy advice doesn't stop there...try Sports Grumblings' The Best Damn Drafting Method (BDDM). It looks at the theory behind both VBD (value based drafting) and AVT (average draft theory) and creates the BDDM's relative positional values for non-IDP and IDP leagues. Enjoy!
  • And oh yeah, a little respect for my fellow Northwestern alum, Noah Herron, and his quick bedpost thinking...


MM said...

Thanks, as always, for the link love!

Anonymous said...

Stupid question, old subject, but...It seemed like your expert ratings weren't based on PPR rankings. Have you rated anyone's PPR rankings, or do you have an idea how that change might affect your ratings?

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

I think that as long as you compare PPR leagues to one another and use season point totals that are based on PPR scoring, that there wouldn't be any impact on sites that use PPR rankings. However, if you mix them, then it depends on which scoring system your final season point totals use - if I'm using a PPR-based scoring system for my final fantasy points, then players with a relatively high amount of receptions compared to their colleagues, like Frank Gore or Wes Welker, will be more highly valued of course and the sites that don't reflect that would be punished. So really it's just another argument for ensuring that all the sites you compare use the same scoring system.