Thursday, June 12, 2008

Man-on-man coverage and football links

So last night I babysat for 5-month-old twins; it's possible they had made a deal with the devil. As soon as one baby stopped crying, the other would start up and so forth for most of the night. As a currently childless person who has babysat only for single babies, I certainly developed a whole new respect for parents with twins, triplets or beyond. And of course for single parents. I mean honestly, last night my husband was with me so we at least had man-on-man coverage of the twins. So any non-man-on-man situation really has my admiration. Man-on-man you say? That leads nicely (eh, okay maybe not nicely, but I am still recovering from a night of twinness) to football talk...

  • FF Geek Blog eschews the popular pick of AP at #2 in Why Joseph Addai, not Adrian Peterson, should be #2 on your cheat sheet.
  • And for more Vikings talk for my midwestern friends, check out Sports Data Hub's article Player to Watch - Tarvaris Jackson. I have to admit, I have a small fantasy crush on Tarvaris; it's possible that I could be found drafting him as my backup in way too many leagues this year.
  • FFXtreme summed up my thoughts on the Lynch situation nicely: "How does hitting a woman and driving off not fall under the NFL's Player Conduct Code? Also, how does it not require jail time?"
  • Read up on FFToolbox's 2008 Comeback Players for thoughts on whether or not you really want to get your hands on Bulger, Delhomme, Caddy and others.
  • The ever popular third year WR is discussed and analyzed on Sports Grumblings - Fantasy Forecast: Third Year Receivers.
  • Fantasy Football Whiz has some thoughts on why you might not want to even consider Joe Flacco with a flyer pick for a few more years in Out On a Limb - QB Joe Flacco.


Anonymous said...

I'd stay as far away from T. Jackson as possible.

First, have you seen the defenses he plays in the first three games? Plus, he get the Jags on the road. All this on top of having to play Chicago and Greenbay twice.

Second, AP breaks off a lot of good sized runs. This means he is going to take away third down attempts from Jackson.

Third, Good God - his best receiver is Berrian. Berrian is at best a #3 receiver.

Fourth, he is a bad decision maker.

My thought on the reach QB: take the one with the easiest schedule.


Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Wow, Hy-Five, that was very helpful. I love it when someone gives me advice and backs it up with really solid reasons. I will take all of this into account and try to fight my desire to draft him as my gamble QB; we'll see how that goes...

Anonymous said...

Thanks FFL. I just found this site and think you are on to something. What I like about it is that it's not too technical.

Here are two topics I find not talked about enough in the ff offseason:

1. Why are more leagues not converting to PPR? A PPR league not only creates more parity, but also allows for more creativity in draft and line up strategy.

2. Would FF be better if there were established unified rules? or, is league creativity/uniqueness a good thing?


Fantasy Football Librarian said...

I like your topics Hy-Five. I certainly have my opinions on both issues and will see what I can to do about bringing those up over the next few weeks.