Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gift giving a la fantasy football sites

When I got married a few years ago, the weeks leading up to the wedding were laden with gift giving. I would come home from work, walk up our front porch and BAM, four boxes emblazoned with the Crate & Barrel logo were waiting for me. Sidebar that has nothing to do with football: let's not talk about how much less expensive and eco-friendly the world would be if stores just sent wedding presents in bulk rather than individual packages; personally, I'm on the animal giving train these days, I mean who doesn't want a flock of ducks in their name? Trio of rabbits instead? Wow, look at what living in Boulder has done to me...

Anyway, come home the next day and BAM, two more boxes. You never knew when there would be a little wedding treat waiting for you and I feel as though I'm reliving that era via fantasy football right now. You see, I've got some good stuff coming to you, my football friends. At the request of two of my devoted readers, I've been on the search for two more unusual fantasy items, which has led to a broadening of my fantasy football horizon. Seriously, who knew there were SO many fantasy football sites out there? I thought I'd seen a lot of them but I had no clue about the breadth and depth of this situation. And finding some hidden gems in all of these fantasy football sites out there has been like coming home at the end of the day to find a stack of wedding presents - you never know what treat might be inside. So read on for some of the good stuff that I found at both my normal sites and the new sites...

  • Matthew Berry's 2008 Guys I Love/Guys I Hate - I really enjoy reading Berry, I'll be honest. Beyond his intro statement of "I hate Adrian Peterson" (love the antagonistic stuff), I think my favorite part about this article is how lengthy the lists are. This is well worth the read.
  • Fantasy Football Trader has 2008 Best Values & Busts up, which is just a teaser for their more involved list included in their Draft Kit this July. Some of these are more obvious picks than others, but it's interesting to see why they like Ben Watson right after reading why Berry doesn't.
  • KFFL's Cheat Sheet Calculator - this page has a lot going on - customizable cheat sheets, cheat sheets based on pre-configured scoring systems, and player projections.
  • I hadn't visited Fantasy Football Calculator in quite some time, so I reacquainted myself with the site and found I was spending quite awhile staring at their Average Draft Position (ADP) data drawn from 578 drafts from last week. Mock Draft Central also has this same ADP info up on their site from 118 drafts run in the past couple of days.
  • This news on Ahmad Bradshaw's incarceration falls under the um, what? category.
  • And Matt Forte's stock is creeping back up again with the news that the Bears aren't interested in adding another RB to their roster.
I still have a lot more content to bring your way from my new adventures into the fantasy landscape, so stay tuned.



Hey Fantasy Librarian, I really like this site you have working here. I'm an amateur looking to start a less high profile sight like this.

I really like what the Bears are doing by the way. The horrible QB situation has lightened up in my mind due to the release of Cedric Benson. Matt Forte is on my draft board at 6th or 7th round. The youth of this team makes me excited for the "Who's going to win the NFC North?" mystery.

Anonymous said...

FFLib: I found a couple of great reads today. One, is in the new Athlons mag. The article is a breakdown of how the rb has devalued since 2005.

The best part of the article (and what you love most) is how the author uses actual results to back up his points. You should really check this article out, esp if you are on the PPR trend, which I am.

Also, Ultimate Fantasy Football has put together a series of articles on draft strategy based solely on tier drafting, which is an incredibly great read.

One last point is that I am finding that many more publications are finally discovering the inequities of of a 6 point passing TD and non-ppr scoring.

IMO, PPR and 4point passing TDs remove more luck, balance out leagues, and allow for far more drafting/waiver wire/and trade strategy.

In the next couple years, don't be surprised to see most leagues using the following: keeper, PPR, 4point TD passing, and .1 point per yard scoring. All of these rules eliminate the "luckster" and truly help define the experts.

///and that is how to go off on a tangent.


Anonymous said...

Huck, I can't hit your link up. Is your site actually up yet? I'd love to check it out.


post script re: trust in the NBA. You of all people being from the River City, should know the NBA is not fixed - why in God's name would a capital collecting corp. want a the San An. market in the final spotlight?

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Great suggestions, Hy-Five. I'd love to see a URL for the Ultimate Fantasy Football article you refer to - is this it?

And I've always liked Athlon/Grogran Sports; they do great work.

In addition to the trends you mention, I see more and more people going with IDP leagues or some combo of a Team Def and a few IDPs.

Thanks as always, Hy-Five.

Anonymous said...

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Dan said...

Love your site! Don’t know if you know of this, but the granddaddy of all librarian gift sources (for women) is (I thought you might live a source for personal gifts for your non-football fantasy friends.) If you want something that is truly custom, that’s the place. I’m a librarian in New York, and that’s where I go to get my book-loving friends gifts. My two cents…

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