Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Fantasy Buffet

The fantasy buffet for the day:

In Offseason Movement: QBs, FFToday provides some good fantasy insight on QBs that have shifted teams in the offseason - Trent Green, Matt Schaub, and Brad Johnson to name a few.

If you're in need of some fantasy prognistication for the 2007 season, have no fear. There are several options. First, check out FantasySharks.com's Boom or Bust 2007 for QBs, RBs, and WRs...personally, I appreciate the fact that several Broncos made the Boom list. Or try TheHuddle.com's 10 Players to Avoid in This Year's Fantasy Draft. From ProFantasySports.com there's A Few Names Not to Be Ignored, which lays out some sleeper options; some of these are more obvious picks than others. Again, love the Broncos sleeper TE pick with Tony Scheffler [photo: Cliff Grassmick, Daily Camera]. Saw him at training camp last August and even then he looked like he had some serious potential for connecting with Cutler - I can only imagine how he has benefited from a year in the pros.


Unknown said...

Cutler's going to be a stud, and I like your TE pick a lot. Feel free to check out my tips at my the blog I'm trying to get going...
http://tjifantasysports.blogspot.com Any advice for someone new to the trade? I'm just trying to drive traffic there to get it off the ground.
Love your blog, by the way. Thanks.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Thanks, TJI - I'll be keeping an eye on your blog. Nice work.

Driving traffic to your blog is something that I'm really not an expert in - I do know you can put down a lot of cash to get more traffic. Not something I'm interested in doing at this time, personally, so I can't help you with that aspect. But as for free ideas, to me, most of it is just time. The more blog entries you post, the more traffic you should get. Particularly if you're using lingo or catch phrases that people are googling. For example, instead of just saying, "here are the RB rankings" if you spell it out into "here are the 2007 fantasy football RB rankings" you're more likely to be catering to more google/yahoo searches. If you set up Google Analytics, Site Meter, or any other tracker on your site, you can figure out what search engine phrases are being used to access your blog and then use that as a guide.

I did add this blog to a bunch of different blog listings, including football-specific and sports blogs. Not sure that has made an difference but it's worth a try. I also nominated myself for kicks for the best sports blog on weblog awards and was surprised at the number of hits I got off of that nomination page. I really think it's all so hit or miss sometimes.

Hope that's not too elementary and of some help to you.