Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pick #5

Greetings FF fans. It's time for my pick in the blogger mock draft set up by The Hazean. Pick #1 went to LT of course, pick #2 to SJax, and I'll be honest, I was surprised by pick #3 to Joseph Addai (though the more I thought about it, the more it made a lot of sense, nicely done MWC Football), and pick #4 to Larry Johnson.

So I gathered rankings from 12 different "experts" in the fantasy football field. I'm sitting here staring at my spreadsheet and am wondering just how much these supposed experts know. Of the 12 rankings, 4 have Frank Gore slotted in #5, 2 have Shaun Alexander, 2 have Willie Parker, and 1 each for Addai, Peyton, Westbrook, and then one guy ranked Gore/Westbrook/Bush/Addai all as equals. Interesting stuff. Larry Johnson just does not exist below the #3 ranking on any of these. So after some deliberation, and consideration of the fact that I won't be picking again until July 20th, I narrowed it down to the final two contenders for pick #5: Frank Gore and Shaun Alexander. Peyton was tempting but not at #5 - soon though, I imagine. I also really like Laurence Maroney but am not sure he's a #5 quite yet, either.

Let's start with Gore [photo: Phil Coale, AP]. I'm already crazy about this guy since he did wonders for two of my leagues last year. And as stated previously, we have a last name in common. I'm a total sucker for that sort of stuff...

Gore Pros:

Gore Cons:
  • As already stated, Gore is a yardage monster but his TD count is low
  • Adios, Norv Turner, and what does that do to Gore's stats? As noted by Fabiano, "former stud runners such as Stephen Davis, Ricky Williams and LaMont Jordan all produced decreased numbers the season after Turner left their respective teams."
  • Gore's history of knee and shoulder problems
  • Tied with Willie Parker for the highest number of RB fumbles last season with 7 fumbles

Shaun Alexander is up next [photo: squibkick.com]. Again, this guy did wonders for my league...but in 2005. But with great risk comes great reward, thus he's a final contender.

Alexander Pros:
Alexander Cons:
So with these considerations in mind, I surprise no one and take Frank Gore with pick #5.


LJ said...

Excellent write up! This is why I prefer to read your stuff over the "experts" stuff that I ignore.

Anonymous said...

NGPF has made its pick. Come check it out.