Thursday, July 12, 2007

FF Blog Love

Today I am conducting my FF searches through blogs only - I do love my Fabiano/NFL fantasy news but as I've mentioned before, I think excellent insight that many bloggers offer is often overlooked.

If you're in need of brief player profiles, check out DR U Fantasy Football GURU - every day a new profile has been added for a player you're likely to consider drafting. Peruse the ginormous archives to see all the profiles (a little kudos to ginormous for being added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary this year among other words including crunk and smackdown).

Looking for some info on QBs that you might want to draft other than Peyton? offers up a lovefest for Marc Bulger but also includes a nice one-sentence recap on many other QBs in the league. Read up.

The TE. Oh the TE. I'll be honest, I loathed all my TEs last year. There were of course a few exceptional games but numbers in general were down on the TE front in 2006 and I've been left with some general TE angst [Chris Cooley photo: Matt Slocum, AP]. I also think there's a dearth of tight end rankings - no one seems to want to touch them at all...enter The Hazean and their Top 10 TEs for 2007. Thanks Haze dudes.

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