Thursday, February 07, 2008

Football for a Thursday

Just a note to my loyal readers, there will be some sparse posting for the next few days. I'm heading up to Aspen tonight to tackle some serious powder for the weekend followed by two days at the Fantasy Sports Trade Association annual conference - yes, I'm living a charmed life. I may have more time and access to my blog than I think, but for now brace yourselves for a quiet week with the promise that there will be many more posts soon to follow.

So until then, why don't you read up on some of these excellent football links?

  • The Pro Football Reference Blog's There is no greatest team ever has some interesting thoughts on what makes a team one of the greatest of all times - and how the 2007 Patriots fit in to that concept.
  • Wondering where some of the free agents might find themselves for the 2008 season? Football Jabber's Fantasy Free Agent Forecast has taken a stab at the fantasy implications of some potential free agent moves. And if you want even more free agency talk, check out Fanball's Free Agency Preview. OR try Football Outsiders' free agency review starting with the NFC South.
  • If you'd like to keep up on the team transactions within the NFL, take a look at ProFootballWeekly's Summary of NFL Transactions.
  • Check out the Bruno Boys' Top 7 Bounce Back Players of 2007 for a list of guys like Jamal Lewis and Clinton Portis who rose above expectations this past season.
Have a great weekend and I'll be back next week!
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Football Jabber said...

Thanks for the linkage nice lady! Have a good weekend!