Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Pro Bowl

Ah, Pro Bowl Day. Is anyone watching it other than me? To demonstrate just how little I think I'm actually paying attention to the football, I think the most interesting thing I've seen so far occurred on the sidelines. I just saw one of the NFC coaches wandering around with a Gatorade cup in hand. Um, is Gatorade really in that cup? Perhaps the hawaiian shirts are influencing me here, but I'm imagining it's more of an islandy drink of some sort - mai tai, rum and coke or something to remind this coach that he's not just coaching a meaningless game - he's in Hawaii! But seriously, I do enjoy watching the Pro Bowl even if I can't put my finger on the exact reason why.

A few football thoughts for you:

  • Don't forget to stay hip to NFL news via sites like Rotoworld's NFL Headlines - a few gems from today include the Redskins finally acquiring a head coach, Javon Walker's likely departure from the Broncos, and LenDale White undergoing arthoscopic knee surgery.
  • And check out Ask The Commish's 2008 Free Agents for a thorough list of players who will become free agents in 2008 - sortable by either team or position.
  • Wondering what might happen to Chad Johnson in 2008? Read Yahoo's Moody Johnson faces uncertain future for some insight.
That's about it for today. I'll try to get another post up over the next few days while I'm taking in as much fantasy sports knowledge possible at the FSTA conference. In the meantime, I have some injuries to recover from right now...I haven't had very good luck with the winter sports I've participated in over the past 10 days. A little over a week ago, I ended up landing quite hard on my tailbone during a snowshoe turned icy hike with a few friends. It was apparently a splendid fall, but the repercussions for my comfort last week while merely just sitting in my office, were unfortunate. Tough times when sitting hurts. However, I recovered slowly and a trip to Aspen to ski had been planned for this past weekend for awhile and I wasn't about to let a bruised tailbone get in the way. And it didn't - the skiing was incredible. I have never been in that much powder in my life and it was glorious. Unfortunately the ski trip concluded with a small child (and his brother) crossing directly in front me as our trails merged at the bottom of a run. I had absolutely no time to avoid him and the small child's helmeted head slammed into my ribs (and I think my arm since there is a nasty swollen bruise there, too) - it really hurts. So yet again I feel like I'm moving at a grandmotherly pace. For those concerned with the small child, have no fear. He apparently was way more resilient than I am and he immediately got back in the lift line. Meanwhile, I gingerly skied down the remaining 30 feet of the run and then hobbled off (yes, crying like the girl that I am) back to the car. I hear bruised ribs take awhile to heal, which perhaps will keep me from hurting yet another body part over the next week or two...

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