Monday, February 04, 2008

Time to think about 2008

I hope you all enjoyed the Super Bowl last night, though I know several Pats fans who can't be very happy with the outcome. I appreciate Pats fans like the FF Geek Blog who give credit where credit is due...and perhaps it's time for me to eat my words about the Giants purely getting to the SB on luck. Most of all, I'd like to note my awe at David Tyree's unbelievable catch in the 4th quarter. Unreal. That play was phenomenal and in my mind, Tyree won the game for the Giants. I'm sure right now someone is saying, no the Giants D did that - and they certainly played incredibly well - but without that catch from Tyree it just wasn't going to happen for the Giants. Maybe I'm just a sucker for one big, awesome play - but seriously, Tyree, my hat's off to you and The Helmet catch.

The FF Librarian's Challenge through the is complete! The top 10 overall winners are:

  1. 50's Big Perms
  2. Black Juicers
  3. Flaming Barracuda's
  4. Chop Block Champs
  5. Power & Speed
  6. Fantasy Sports Matrix - Freddie
  7. FFLibrarian
  8. Krafty's Kannibals
  9. Dancing Nancies
  10. fooseball
Congrats to 50's Big Perms for a solid performance throughout the whole playoffs!

But now my friends, the 2007 season is over. My husband cut out a recent New Yorker ad for me that has a couple watching tv with one asking the other, "what are you going to do now that the Super Bowl is over?" and that's pretty much exactly how I always feel this time of year. But there's still so much football to discuss in the offseason. I mean, pro bowl anyone? Right, I heard a collective disgruntled sigh there I think. But there's plenty of fantasy football and real football talk to keep us all entertained.
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Anonymous said...

Wow, places 4-8 were separated by only 4 points! Very close.

Jim Nguyen said...

was happy to just finish in the top ten. It was competitive for sure. Good job, we finished right next to each other, FFL!