Friday, February 01, 2008

Shouldn't the Friday Before the Super Bowl be a Holiday?

And for that matter, the Monday after the Super Bowl should be another holiday to help us all recover and cope with the upcoming dearth of football activity. But let's not dwell on that yet - there's still current football news to be discussed, so let's get right to it.

I have some friends coming into town this weekend and then of course a Super Bowl party to plan for, so I might be a little quiet this weekend. However, before game time on Sunday I will get my prediction for the big game up. Enjoy the weekend!
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Football Jabber said...

First thing I thought of reading the headline was the Monday after...but you hit that

Anonymous said...

Plax is interesting - he'll play, of course, but I wonder how effective he'll be getting off any potential jams (don't think that was in the gameplan - but if he's dinged, they might try to step on it now). As Eli's focal point, he's got to have a big game for it to be close.

I got the Pats winning 31-27. Giants will get enough pressure on Brady to keep them in it. I figured on Plax having a big game, though - so the injury thing could be big trouble.

Lots of people are predicting a blow out - I don't see that happening, but I've got a lot of belief in the NY front four, although it didn't help them much in week 17 with the Pats out 2 starting linemen and TE problems. Still, Giants are on enough of a roll that I don't see them getting rolled. Gonna be fun - no matter who wins, history will be made!