Thursday, February 21, 2008

Looking Back, Looking Ahead and the New York Times

I just read a quality post about kickers in 2007 from NFL Stats - 2007 FG Kicker Rankings. I know, I know, nobody in fantasy football land really has any love or great interest in the kicker, do they? As someone who is personally a great fan of both Jason Elam and CU-alum Mason Crosby, I probably have a distorted love for kickers. Or perhaps it's because it's the one position in football that I can actually envision myself doing - keeping in mind my gender and stature, you can imagine that I don't exactly sit around dreaming about how I'd sack the QB. And suiting up on the o-line? Not a chance. But booting the heck out of a ball through the uprights? Oh yeah. Plus I think there's a lot of mystery surrounding how to rank and or draft a kicker for fantasy leagues. Don't worry, I'm not trying to argue that it's the most interesting or important position to contemplate in the offseason, but an enjoyable read nonetheless.

I think Smitty from FFXtreme might be in my brain - seriously, I was just thinking about which players were overvalued and undervalued for the 2008 season and BAM - Smitty writes an article about it. So check out his Overvalued and undervalued players heading into 2008. Though I do disagree with you on Maroney. I am a big fan of Maroney and will be that player that drafts him in the 2nd round without any hesitations.

In other news, look for me next week as the guest blogger on the New York Times' pro football blog, the Fifth Down. I will be blogging on their site every day next week and will put up links directly from FFLibrarian to the New York Times entries I do. So enjoy!

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MM said...

Wow, what an honor! Congrats!

Kevin A. Pollock, J.D., LL.M. said...

Good job. Thanks for thinking to do this.