Monday, February 18, 2008

Starting the week off right

I'm lacking enthusiasm for being at work today - I remember the good ol' days when I lived in Washington, D.C. and got Presidents' Day off of work since it's a federal holiday. Oh the beauty of federal holidays. So I hope those of you who aren't working today are living it up on my behalf.
But on to football. Yes, stunningly there is football to talk about.

  • Cold, Hard Football Facts' Health = wealth in the NFL does an interesting ranking of teams by most injuries to starters during the 2007 season. Teams are ranked by the total number of games missed by all key players for the season. Who comes out as the most unhealthy team of the season? My poor Denver Broncos. And the most healthy? The Pack.
  • SI's Top 10 RB Prospects from this year's rookie class. Not surprisingly, Run DMC tops the list but I'm personally interested in seeing what happens with Ray Rice. I like the guy a lot despite his supposed wear and tear.
  • FFToolbox has a ridiculous number of Mock NFL Drafts on their site. Here's one that was just updated today, but check out their homepage for links to at least three others.
  • Okay, it's possible that I could spend my entire work day pouring through the material in this link - The Huddle's Fantasy Football NFL Team Reports. The Huddle opens up their prime content during the offseason so that we can all get hooked on their high quality content and want to pay for it come August...but go ahead and delve in - you won't be sorry, this is good stuff.
All for now, the library world is calling.
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Highlander said...

Become bi........
Your library should have more than one section (aka football).
I beseech you- fantasy baseball is just as popular and even more challenging.
Can Sara (secret identity) help save the fantasy world with some research on fantasy baseball sites.
Or better yet join a baseball league on CBSsportsline

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