Tuesday, May 20, 2008

2008 Week 1 projections are already up...

Fantasy Football Xtreme brings us a beautiful thing: Week 1 projections for the 2008 season. These guys aren't messing around - it may only be mid-May but there are actually projections up for the first week. And thank you FFXtreme for the Tony Scheffler love I see - nicely done. Maybe I should start to tone down my lovefest for Scheff so that none of my competitors know my weaknesses come draft day.

Read on for other excellent football insights for the week...

  • If you can't get down with Week 1 projections quite yet, how about season-long projections? FFXtreme has those, too: QB, RB, WR, TE.
  • Those of you in IDP (individual defensive player) leagues might be interested in reading up on Rotoworld's IDP Breakouts series - check out the Defensive Backs and Linebackers info with Defensive Linemen still to come later this week. Remember these are breakout players - those who might make big leaps in performance for 2008.
  • Pigskin Addiction has the first installment of their 2008 Dynasty Cheatsheet up for your perusal - I have to say, I'm just not that big on Antonio Gates being the #1 TE for dynasty leagues...maybe even for regular leagues. I'm just down on Gates, I guess. Someone feel free to convince me otherwise.
  • The Hazean led me to this post on RotoNation and I do have to agree that fantasy football creep is a little bit like going to the grocery store around Halloween and hearing Christmas music playing. It just seems a bit early for holiday tunes in October - and it seems a bit early for fantasy analysis in May. Yeah, I'm actually confessing that I think in-depth analysis of fantasy football so early in the season is a bit much. That won't stop me from reading all these articles, but my serious researching and digesting of info probably won't happen for another month.
For those who have asked, I did indeed get a job offer for the job that I interviewed for last week. It means a little bit of change but I'll still be in the same library cranking out the same fantasy links for you this fall - albeit it with a little more stress, sass or edge to my tone but hey, that should keep everyone entertained.

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