Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Back on the fantasy wagon

With my library conferences behind me (for a few weeks at least), I can now concentrate on fantasy football again. If you happen to be a librarian and are interested in how my co-presenter and I tied together fantasy football and information literacy, check out my co-presenter’s blog. Though I imagine most of you would much rather catch up on the following football news and thoughts for the week:

  • I remain a bit dazed and confused by my certainty last summer that Cedric Benson was going to rock my RB2 world in 2007. Didn’t happen and now he’s moved onto ankle surgery, alleged intoxication and resisting arrest on boats. Awesome. You can practically taste Matt Forte’s value skyrocketing here. In fact, wondering about rookie RBs in general? Well then check out FF Xtreme’s The Day After: Ranking the Rookie Running Backs.
  • I love reading articles or stats that challenge my preconceived notions – The Fifth Down’s Chad the Completion Percentage Machine does just that. No offense to those Chad Pennington fans out there, but I just didn’t think he had any “best in NFL history” kind of stats in him. Thanks to the Fifth Down for setting me straight on that one.
  • And speaking of contradicting expectations, I’ve already read several surprised and outraged blogs like the FF Geek Blog about Yahoo!’s Fantasy Football Mock Draft, Round 1, where Jamal Lewis was listed as the #10 overall pick. I certainly would feel very hesitant about drafting Jamal in the first round, but I love the boldness of this pick. Well done, Yahoo! fantasy staff.
  • I really enjoyed this article from FF Toolbox/Andy Benoit, The Big Mystery. Granted it focuses on Ryan Clady and I'm a Denver Broncos fan, but how nice to have such a well-written and insightful piece to read. And now I have a new website to add to my del.icio.us bookmarks - NFL Touchdown.


MM said...
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MM said...

If you think Jamal Lewis at No. 10 is shocking, what do you think about Jamal Lewis at No. 6?!?


Anonymous said...

What do you feel about Rashard or Darren McFadden for a dynasty league.

Anonymous said...

What do you feel about Rashard or Darren McFadden for a dynasty league.

Unknown said...

thoughts on m. lynch? i get to keep two... i'll keep brady and am wondering if i should keep lynch as well? i figure i can get the tenth best RB (at worst) if i don't keep lynch. is he a top 10 back? at the end of last year i wasn't even considering it, but i as i look around to see who else might be out there... i think i might keep him, thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it is definitely time to start thinking fantasy again! Looking forward to it, and I plan on having a mock up over at Curveballs too.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Potlicker - I think that depends so much on who else you have on your team (obviously keep brady), what round's pick you would need to give up, and which players might be kept by others in your league.

I like Lynch, I believe a month or so ago there was some info out there that Lynch would be getting 20-25 carries a game next year, that he'd really be the every-down back for the Bills. Feels like every-down backs are becoming increasingly rare, so I think I'd keep Lynch. I just read a post on NFL.com today where Fabiano said, "Fantasy footballers looking for next season's breakout running back should look no further than Marshawn Lynch." (http://www.nfl.com/fantasy/story;jsessionid=90D5DC4012308CB3EF36A4E292965E60?id=09000d5d807d8c3a&template=with-video&confirm=true)Strong praise but worth thinking about, particularly with their fairly easy schedule in terms of run D's.

Hope that helps.
Sara/FF Librarian

Football Jabber said...

Hey! I sent that link to my Librarian Wife.