Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fantasy Headlines, Cheat sheets and American Idol

I have somehow avoided ever watching more than about 2 seconds of American Idol. It just doesn't appeal to me whatsoever - though I do support entertainment that celebrates real talent rather than just bizarre reality tv, which must be why I can't stop myself from actually watching American Gladiators, right? Ha. But that's a whole separate discussion topic...anyway, I have sadly somehow become a Fox news watcher and by default can't avoid American Idol news. I can't believe I'm admitting that I watch Fox as my news source, but it all comes down to the fact that the local morning Fox news station has a dog that rides around in the traffic helicopter and there are all sorts of dog shots and dog stories from the 'copter. Starts the day off right. But the local Fox station in Denver actually sent a reporter to L.A. for the final American Idol episode as though the winner of American Idol was real news. I was feeling pretty self-important for awhile this morning, passing judgment and looking down on American Idol from my oh-so-high fantasy football throne, until I dawned on me that many, many people out there probably feel the same way about FF that I do about American Idol. Those poor, confused souls. Kidding. But only kind of. So I pledge to be more understanding of other people's passions, considering my own is equally stunning to some.

That doesn't really relate to football but the following links do:

  • ProFootballWeekly takes a long at five top fantasy story lines in Starting to get that fantasy football itch? including questions like, who should be the top-ranked TE and how will GB's transition to Rodgers go?
  • You all know this news on Tony Scheffler pains me - but I'm optimistic since he played so well last season after a little bit of a slow start post-injury. May you heal quickly, Scheff.
  • Junkyard Jake has their 2008 Top 250 Cheatsheet up - they also include average draft position and consensus draft positions (right up my alley!) in their cheat sheet. What I'd really like to be able to do with this cheat sheet is to sort by consensus draft positions or average draft position without needing to open up a new page. Sorry, that's probably laziness at its best but being able to sort on that one cheat sheet would be pretty sweet, Junkyard Jake.
  • FFToolbox - love these guys - have their 2008 Sleepers, Busts and Studs up. Check 'em out even though I heartily disagree on the Delhomme as a sleeper front.
  • Perhaps I spend too much time surrounded by economists since my husband and his cronies are all econ phd students, but I found this Football Outsiders article Walkthrough: Paying the Bills, which talks of the Bills' possible impending move out of Buffalo, of particular interest to me.
Enjoy the rest of the week and here's to a long holiday weekend right around the corner!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the Bills story. Interesting take on the impact the move might have on the TBR (Toronto-Buffalo-Rochester) region... a good one, I guess?

jnb said...

I can't believe Fox is your news source. The dog is a sick ploy to get intelligent pet lovers to watch their news. Don't fall for it FFL! Turn on A&M instead with some catnip. Who needs a 'copter when they are whirling around?