Thursday, May 12, 2011

Handcuffs, value picks, and other early fantasy analysis

Our extended family is growing - my big sis is having a baby in July, so we're headed down to our hometown in the DC area this weekend to celebrate with a baby shower. Going down to DC used to be a cinch - hop on the cheap but fancy-ish bus and $20 and 4.5 hours later, you're there. But now that we've got our own wee one, that bus isn't exactly an option since every other bus rider would probably want to throw us and our active baby off the bus after approximately 1 hour max. Plus, the quantity of crap that we travel with has grown we're taking the train instead. Granted, most everyone in our train car will probably grow weary of us quite quickly, too, but at least it's a faster ride. Apologies in advance if you're on our train this weekend. Anyway, I'll be quiet on the blog front until next week, so I hope you all have great weekends. Let's get on over to today's links:

  • zeroes in on this year's rookies with a top 50 dynasty ranking in 2011 Dynasty Draft List - though it's important to note that this goes beyond a straight-up ranking - each player gets a little write-up. Nice touch.
  • If you've got back-ups/handcuffs on your mind, take a look at a multi-part series that is pulling together that they amusingly call the Tamme index. Read up on the Tight End Handcuff Rankings and the Wide Receiver Tamme Index.
  • What's happening to the stud RB? Does this year's record-late pick for the first RB of the draft say something about the state of the RB workhorse in the NFL today? See what SBNation says in Is the 'stud back' dying? (link courtesy of Football Outsiders, a great spot for links to in-depth reads and news bits)
  • Using the current ADP (average draft position), looks at great value players for the 2011 season - You down with ADP? Yeah you know me. Word of warning, great value players at this time of year often get a ton of hype as the summer goes on and become overvalued. Not saying that will happen with all these guys, just something to keep in mind. And I must have a fantasy crush on all Falcons or something, but I'm totally on board with the Matt Ryan value pick here.

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