Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May mocks and more

There's a season for mock drafts, my friends, and this is it. I'm seeing a definite decrease in mock coverage, which is no doubt related to our wacky start to the year (see, I'm staying positive: there will  be a 2011 season!), but some of my favorite sites are still getting mocky:

  • FFToolbox.com is part of a mock that's sporting a solid field of franchises - Experts Mock Draft Results. Always love mocks that include a line or two of analysis for each pick. Right now they're in the 2nd round but I know this article will be updated as they move along in the draft.
  • Another mock destination is Fantasy Football Experts Mock Draft - again, most picks include a little analysis. You can also see Smitty's Take on FantasyFootballXtreme.com. Note that both of these mocks I'm linking to today are for PPR leagues. I'm guessing it's going to be increasingly difficult to find a non-PPR mock this year.
  • The offseason is a prime time to get your hands dirty with stats and see what happens once you crunch some numbers. These sites have put worth some interesting articles with historical stats:
    • ProFootballFocus.com's Drop Percentage looks at receivers with the highest and lowest percentage of drops for 2010 as well as the 2008-2010 time span. I think I find the bottom dwellers on this list the most interesting item...there are definitely several guys on this 2010 bottom list (Williams, for example) that have so much potential if they can just lock it in.
    • Big Lead Sports' Good Offensive Tackles Are Worth As Much As A Starting Quarterback comes to the conclusion that a tackle's value isn't so much in the sack rate as the yards per attempt. Read on to get the full details.
    • The Fantasy Shrink took some of this year's top RBs' combine performances and compared them to RBs of the past 6 years who had similar combine results - Combine Comparisons: RBs. Good food for thought - might just be one dimension of determining how a player will evolve (as noted by the author) but it's certainly interesting.
  • If you'd rather skip out on a top QB (of which FFToolbox.com believes there are 8 this year) and play the QB roulette instead, definitely take a look at their Quarterback by Committee chart for suggestions on pairings. Good stuff.
  • Finally, let's wrap it up with one of my favorite features - Fantasy Football Trader's roundtable discussions with other FF gurus. This week's question? LeGarrette Blount vs Shonn Greene.

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