Thursday, May 05, 2011

Playing the waiting game

Yesterday afternoon we put an offer in on a house in Knoxville, Tennessee, which is soon to be our new home. The house is roughly 5 times the size of our current apartment in Brooklyn; I have no clue what we will do with all that space other than purchase walkie talkies so we can communicate between different rooms. Wait, are walkie talkies totally passe now? Possible, definitely possible.

So while I sit here checking my e-mail and phone incessantly, I thought, well now is a great time to get a post up...let's get to it.

  • FFToday is hot off a mock draft with Mocking in May, which highlights one of the major draft trends I think we're going to see in 2011 - a QB run in rounds 1-3. 
  • The Huddle is another site that opens up their content for free this time of year and there are two solid articles on rookies that are worth checking out there:
    • A look at Top IDP Rookie Linebackers - thoughts on who will have an instant impact, who needs to simmer for awhile, and then others keeping an eye on down the road.
    • Or scope out The Top 10 Fantasy Rookies Worth Watching - not sure I agree with this ranking exactly but if you ask me, there's plenty of wiggle room in rankings right now so definitely stay tuned as things develop.
  • More rookie thoughts from's Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft.
  • If you're in the market for a more in-depth look at a few players, check out these links:
    • FantasyGuru's John Hansen tells us why he won't be taking Michael Vick as the top QB off the boards this year in Michael Vick should not be drafted as a #1 QB- I found his comment that it's all about avoiding the downside this year rather interesting. It can be easy to forget that each year has its own nuances and a strategy that worked for you last year might not be quite so effective this go around.
    • On the flip side, read up on reasons that Ryan Fitzpatrick could be a great value pick with Fantasy Shrink's Falling in love with Ryan Fitzpatrick all over again.
    • zeroes in on some comments that the Browns will try to manage Peyton Hillis' touches. Will the Hardesty hype come back at all this year or are we looking at another RBBC beast? Since I'm big on the Browns o-line, I'm paying close attention to how this all falls into place.
  • Mike Tanier from has a lovefest for the NFC South in Forget Cam - NFC South just got really good. I'm feeling pretty high on the Falcons this year - and by default, Julio Jones. What do you guys think, is that warranted? And what's the impact on Roddy White's value, particularly in PPR leagues?

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Ivar Anderson said...

Good to have you back and posting. Good luck with the move. I remember doing it with my first born when he was about 1 month old, but that was only across town, not to a new state.