Thursday, September 13, 2012

Finding the awesomeness

I mentioned on here awhile back that our house is under construction and has been now for about 5-6 weeks or so. It has been quite the summer here between the chaos of our house (which has included learning of extensive water and termite damage...sweet, right? I have the termite guy's phone number memorized and our son now starts every morning by asking for the construction crew individually by name) and losing our Caroline. So I'm pretty sure my husband and I have been actively seeking out things that just feel fun and joyful. Earlier this week my brother-in-law called and convinced us to drive down to Atlanta (where he lives) next Monday for the Broncos at Falcons MNF game. We'll go down and back all in the span of 15 hours and my in-laws are happily taking over the care of our son for that time period. I can't tell you how excited I am for this. A road trip with my husband plus a Monday Night Football game watching my Broncos, all while my little boy is being lovingly cared for by family? Awesomeness. This is exactly the kind of thing that makes me happy and therefore exactly the kind of thing I should be doing more of these days. I'll be the one in the Broncos Elam jersey in case you're there. Maybe I should make/wear a FFLibrarian shirt to do a little marketing...

Time for today's links:

Finally, I think I ask this same question more or less every year, but I'd love your feedback on what you find helpful here on this site. Toward the end of the week once waivers have cleared, I typically try and post start/sit links and weekly rankings and/or projections. Is there anything I'm missing or would you like me to focus on one of those more than others?

Oh and don't forget to get your lineups set for the game tonight...


LestersLegends said...

Sounds like you guys have a great trip planned. Personally I don't care the outcome of the game so I'll pull for the Broncos for you. Just gimme a monster game from Julio.

Thanks for the link and good luck in your games this week.

Anonymous said...

Everything is good. Keep doing what you are doing. I'm still living off of the football daily planner advice from a while ago. Good place to find lots of articles fast.

Anonymous said...

Keep doing what you do. This is a hidden gem---not telling anyone else in my 16 team league, which includes my two sons!

Appreciate your work!

Joe Dennington said...

Welcome back FFLibrarian. I was a little worried there for a couple weeks...until I saw the reason for your hiatus. So sorry to hear that. Good to hear things are getting better. Your readers love you. Take care and keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Injury updates is always crucial...

Anonymous said...

you are the best.

Anonymous said...

New to the site and loving it. Provides excellent links to all information you need to know to get your pickups to setting your line-ups. Now if you could only find the site to predict future injuries.... owned Forte in all my leagues :(

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy your brother convinced your husband to make the trip. Hope you're having a great time reuniting with family and I hope the Broncos give you the win you truly deserve.

As to ideas for your blog: I've been using your blog as my mainstay since your NYT column in your first year, but this is my first year in an IDP league...and I am clueless. I'd like to have links to advice/analysis and rankings/projections late in the week. Thanks if you can do it

Anonymous said...

Please excuse the echo in here, but keep doing what you do.

Anonymous said...

Great job, FF Librarian!

My main suggestion is to add any links you are aware of that rank players based on rest-of-season value. Rankings for the current week are all over the internet, but rest-of-season rankings are much rarer and very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Everything you do is great, but my only suggestion would be to post more updated in-season rankings, not just the weekly ones.

After each week is played it would be nice to know where your players currently rank so you can know if it would be wise to drop someone for a wavier wire player, and gauge potential trades.


Anonymous said...

Love your site....I think the updated rest of season rankings are very very helpful. Also I'm wondering why most of the weekly rankings aren't PPR since I think at this point more leagues than not are PPR.

Anonymous said...

I love your site. I'm with the rest of the commenters. I'm keeping this a secret from every person I play against. I find the waiver wire resources most helpful. Thanks for everything!

kate said...

I am so sorry Denver lost, but McGahee's epic night gave me the 17 points I needed to take the lead in one of my match ups. I hope you had a wonderful trip! I keep thinking about you and hope you are doing okay.

Start/Sit and Waiver links are always used and appreciated. I always like any information as the season winds down on good keepers. Your site is so fantastic, and like others, I keep you a closely guarded secret.

Tone Patron said...

I think your site is amazing! The one thing that I struggle with is identifying good Tuesday morning pick-ups. What resource can you recommend that will allow me to get a great recap of past week studs in time for 9AM waiver wire Tuesday morning?

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