Thursday, September 27, 2012

Turning 2

This weekend is a big one in the FFLibrarian house: our son turns 2 on Sunday. I've been teaching him "it's my birthday" and "I'm two" this week but I doubt he's going to spontaneously spout these off during the celebrations. Sunday also marks the one month mark since I delivered our stillborn daughter, adding an element of the bittersweet to the day. I think of her every day, heck, some days I see or feel reminders of her all day long. But I have this playful, loving, silly little boy here in my arms. I take one look at his face, which is very clearly from his daddy, and his suddenly floppy hair (how is it that a 2 yo can be sporting Justin Bieber-esque hair?) and his smile, which are both very clearly from me, and I am grateful down to the very deepest part of my being that I am where I am today. I promise not to blabber on too much this fall about our family and its ups and downs...just want you to know that we're hanging in there, we're doing okay.

Onto the linkage of the day!


LestersLegends said...

Happy Birthday to the your little guy.

Brian said...

Happy Birthday to your son!

Mary R said...

Thanks for the update, so glad to hear you're doing okay, reveling in the joy that your son brings while remembering your angel. It's amazing how quickly time flies, you surely make the most of every moment. Happy birthday to your "big" boy! And congrats to you!

Sean Walnuts said...

Hang in there FFL. It gets better. Thanks for all you do and Happy Birthday to the Little Man!

Anonymous said...

Have the days you have, up or down. Enjoy the spirit living within your soon to be two year old. I pray for your comfort, your marriage, and the blessings of raising your son in a loving home.

fnzeee said...

Happy birthday to your son! The words will come quickly once he turns 2. For two months now our little one has said every day "my birthday is coming"...he's 3 at the end of October. Living in the little moments with your son will keep you sane and make you laugh and smile, even when you don't want to.

kate said...

This brought tears to my eyes. Your children are both so lucky to have you as a mom.

I write a little post to my son almost every month and your post prompted me to look back at my two year old entry (Luke will be FOUR in a few weeks) It made me laugh and remember how easy two was compared to three. I won't scare you with tales of three.

Happy birthday little ones.

kate said...

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