Monday, August 05, 2013

Monster league invitation!

Greetings all. It's that time of year when I open the invitation to the 2013 FFLibrarian Monster League, hosted by It's a 72-team, 6-conference league with one final winner (kudos to Jeff, owner of The Immaculate Collection, who won the title in 2013). It's kind of awesome to have such a big group of enthusiastic owners all in one space and I highly recommend it if you have the time/space in your fantasy world to join us. If you're interested in playing in this league, e-mail me immediately with your team name and e-mail address. Please also let me know if you'd prefer a live draft or a slow, e-mail draft; I'll do my best to accommodate. Once all the spots in the league have been taken (and that will happen very quickly), I will update this post. All spots are taken, e-mail for wait list only. Thanks!

Looking forward to a great season ahead!