Monday, August 19, 2013

Preseason Week 2 wrap-up

Hope you all found some time in your weekend to watch a little preseason action, but if not, you've come to the right place. I've got several recaps for you and a handful of drafting advice.

Speaking of drafts, many of you know that I run a big, 72-team, 6 conference FFLibrarian Monster League made up of FFLibrarian readers. Two of the conferences (conf 5 and 6) are conducting slow, e-mail drafts and the results of their drafts are unfolding here.

In case you missed it, I've been working on the annual average position rankings spreadsheet and I'm in clean-up mode for the document to make it hopefully even more helpful. When I've got the edits in, look for another post here with the excel version. For now, here's the google docs version


Anonymous said...

Hello FFL,
I am new to Fantasy Football and am starting my second year in a dynasty league (my husband needed a manager for one that did not want to play again...their team was bad).
There are a lot of weird rules I am not completely sure of yet, but for the most part we can keep the majority of our players.
After talking to my husband he said I have ok starting wide receivers, but no "depth". And, all by one of my running backs are horrible. The only good news appears to be my Quaterbacks since I have an Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck.
Anywho, sorry for the rambling message, but I would really like your opinion on your top 15 wide receivers and running backs that are new to the league or maybe other teams would not have.
Thank you so much for your help,

Anonymous said...

Who's on your team?

Anonymous said...

some of the links on this post point to the same articles ?

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Tina, sounds like you're in need of some rookie rankings. Try Dynasty League Football's Top 50 Rookie Rankings:

Anon, thanks for the heads up on the repeat links. I do that every once in awhile when I'm not paying enough attention. They should be corrected now!

kate said...

OK, thoughts please. I am trying to decide on my keeper - Jamaal Charles who would be my second round pick or Jimmy Graham who would be my seventh round pick (I still cannot believe I got him in the seventh round last year.)

And huge congratulations on Baby Number 2! I know I am a bit late on the news, but so happy for you.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link fix

great site,
and belated congrats too !

always look forward to your posts

Teri C said...

I want to pick your brain too....
I have a team in a 12 team PPR keeper league. I can keep 3. I have Arian Foster, Ray Rice, Alfred Morris and Brandon Marshall. Who should I keep?
My daughters both go to Univ of Tenn and are very reliable if you ever need a baby sitter! Go Vols!

Life is Beautiful said...

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I had no idea the team will be so powerful with just so little changes.