Thursday, September 12, 2013

Start/sit links and more for Week 2

I'm completely stuck on the Weather Channel, twitter, and all the news coming out of Boulder regarding their current historic flooding - I believe they've gotten about half of their annual rainfall in a mere 24 hours. For recent readers, a little background - my husband and I lived in Boulder for 6 years and have many friends in the area so I'm feeling my heart strings tugged on this one. Thinking of you all in and around Boulder and sending dry, safe thoughts.

Football carries on tonight with the Pats and Jets and plenty of lineup advice:

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Casey Harrison said...

Love the work you do! Been a follower for two years now. One quick question...

Can you start linking to Bruno Boys Fantasy Football and RealTime Fantasy Sports more? Both of these websites have won your Accuracy challenges in the past and are always in toward the top yearly.

The first thing I do in the morning is visit your website for the advice that is needed and usually never have to leave it. Except for when visiting the two mentioned websites and FF Toolbox (Fantasy Pros champion in 2012)

Keep up the great work!