Thursday, September 05, 2013

Week 1 Start/Sit and rankings link explosion

Oh you all know how excited I am about tonight's game. Start of the season AND a Broncos game? Pure awesomeness. We sent our son to preschool happily wearing his Broncos socks (he yelled "football!" as he picked them out; my heart soared) and his Peyton Manning jersey. Might have been overkill but whatever, first day of the season comes but once a year.

I've got a bit of a link dump today. Read on for lots of start/sit advice and rankings:


kate said...

Clearly those socks and jersey worked well. What a night!

I took our son to the University of Utah home opener last week (he's been going since he was a month old) and it was the first time in five years that it all clicked. He cheered, danced, sort of understood a first down and yelled and screamed at every third down attempt. It was definitely one of my prouder parenting moments.

In other news, Yahoo gave me a D grade for my draft. Guess you cannot win them all...

StatSims Steve said...

You forgot one... helps you determine who to start and who to sit based on your personal player rankings.