Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Back to the waiver wire grind

I'm back on a college campus this morning, attending a seminar at the University of Tennessee's main library. It hasn't been all that long since my days of working at a university library, but apparently it has been a long 7 years or so, since I feel much older than all but the white-haired guy cozying up in the corner. Here's my big takeaway though: the library is packed with kids studying. I almost feel a bit guilty for snagging a table away from these studious kids. So parents of UT students, rest assured that this campus is indeed full of students scribbling on white boards, discussing bio homework, and of course spilling out of the Starbucks queue.

Then again, perhaps some of the students near me are just prepping their fantasy football teams for Week 4 or cruising through the waiver wire options. Need some links for that? Read on.

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