Monday, September 19, 2016

Treasure box hunt with waivers

In our house, we are deep into bribery and treats and triumphs: a process also known as potty training. My oldest son and I hit up the dollar store and created a vast selection of awesomeness for our youngest to select from whenever he was successful on the ol' potty. And frankly, much to my surprise since this kid has been fighting the process for awhile, it's worked like a charm. We've got tattoos, stickers, googly eye glasses, little trucks, bouncy balls, crayons, and playdoh. Do you know what has happened? There is only one thing this boy wants out of there: playdoh playdoh playdoh. He could not care less about the rest of it. If we filled his world with playdoh, he'd still beg for more. So now I'm a playdoh-purchasing machine over here since I have found my secret weapon (yes, tried to make homemade playdoh and I must lack the correct crafty kitcheny DNA to make that happen). It's highly possible that in 2 weeks I'll be back at square one, trying to find the next motivator, but for now, I bow down to playdoh.

So let's delve into this week's treasure box and see what kind of waiver wire secret weapon you can find...plenty of injuries to hit Week 2, so I'm guessing some of you all might need the assist:

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annasdad3 said...

You will have some relapses with the potty training, but once he is there, he will mostly stay there. Congrats!