Monday, September 25, 2006

All Eggs in the Marques Colston Basket

When I started this blog I intended to try and leave my own weekly performance woes (or delights) out of the blog as much as possible. Yet I knew it was inevitable that I would post on here some Monday morning (or will it be every Monday morning?) with my hangup of the week. So here's my concern of the week...

I'm pretty sure one of the unofficial rules of fantasy football is to avoid having the same guy in all of your leagues - a little diversification is good for lineups. I however did not follow that advice, nor another unofficial rule that says you should never count on a rookie to perform in week 3 as he has in weeks 1 and 2. In an overwhelming Marques lovefest, I picked him up in all 3 of my leagues and am now on the edge of either winning or losing in all 3 of those games. So here I am, sweating bullets over Marques Colston's big Monday Night performance tonight. Marques, my record depends on you.

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