Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Looking a Bye in the Face

Welcome to the first bye week. Personally, I have a handful of holes to fill and feel that it's time to check out the waiver wires and see who is out there. One of my personal favorites has got to be Marques Colston (photo by Elsa/Getty Images) - this rookie NO Saint can be your WR or TE and has TD notches on his belt for both week 1 and week 2. Colston came from Hofstra so give a little love to the 1-AA - I've learned the hard way that not all 1-AA teams should be so underrated. At least I'm in good company this fall though...go Buffs.
Need some advice? Check these out:

1. FantasySharks.com - an overview of some good pickups off the waiver wire

2. Fanball.com - already about a week old and you've always gotta be quick with that waiver wire, but there's definitely a solid chance that some of these guys are still around and available.

3. cbssportsline - a little repetitive of the fantasysharks overview mentioned above...what that really says to me is that the number of good steals on the waiver wire are few and far between. Act now or be sorry come Sunday.

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