Monday, September 18, 2006

Digging deeper with your D

I don't really want to jinx myself but I'm pretty sure I'm going to go 2-1 this week...maybe even 3-0 if Heath Miller has another great game tonight. Based on my performance last weekend, this is pretty spectacular news and it's mostly thanks to some of my outstanding IDPs. In fact, I think Julius Peppers might have singlehandedly helped me dominate my buddy Ethan this week - so Ethan, this blog's for you.
I took another look at my individual defensive players (IDPs) last week since I was frustrated with how poorly many of my drafted set of IDPs had played and I made some changes. Originally I had based my draft picks off of a pre-draft ranking based largely on predicted sacks for the year. Foolishly I overlooked the need for guys who can really tackle consistently - so I found new sources and compared options. My best addition for the week was Adalius Thomas who gave me 19.90 points and in my league (7 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 interception, a safety, and 1 pass defensed against Oakland). That is simply outstanding. And while part of me wants to suggest that you just pick a good defender who is playing Oakland every week, I think there's also a little more to it (plus, Oakland has a bye in week 3).
Here's a list of some of the sites I found that were helpful and generally reliable:

1. ProFantasySports has an "IDP Report" column under featured stories on the right that I found quite helpful. IDPs are divided up by each game - and then each team - and then those who are "defenders" versus those who are "defenseless". Granted for week 2 they made some questionable predictions such as calling Terdell Sands "defenseless" since his first name "starts with the sound 'turd'" and he then ended up going for 8 tackles. But all in all, I like this site and it's one sentence blurbs on their chosen IDPs. And a little humor goes a long way in the fantasy football world as far as I'm concerned.

2. IDP Picks and Pans from rotoworld is located here for week 2 (I'll update for future weeks) but appears to also be picked up by USA Today, perhaps? This one is divided up by position, which is good for those of us with required IDP position slots, and lists a handful of starts and sits for each position. I also like the accountability bit at the end where he notes whether or not his predictions from the previous week were a hit or miss - nice. I'm all about keeping a tally on predictions.

3. has projections for the week that can be filtered based on position (again, very helpful) and can be ordered by a vast number of options. The default is to list the projections based on the number of potential fantasy points however you can also reorder by the number of tackles (solo, assist, or total), sacks, or interceptions. Since I was looking for consistent tacklers this past week, I liked the easy navigation of this page. Plus, just click on a player's name and you can get their stats for past games and past seasons. Helpful in determining a player's consistency.

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