Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Wednesday Buzz

Need a little midweek help on your lineup? Or maybe like me you're just happy to still see Marques Colston topping all these get-em-while-you-can lists. Whatever the reason, here are some articles to help you through your Wednesday. Waiver Wire - as the title indicates, this article gives a rundown on possible pickups off the waiver wire and why these guys are worthy of being your bye fill-in. Or your Daunte fill-in.

FantasySharks Week 5 Waiver Wire - again, more waiver wire advice. Word to the wise, this guy uses a lot of exclamation points so if you're just settling into your day and your cup of coffee (as I am)...then beware the uber-enthusiasm here.

FFToday Through the Wire - I like this one for its deeper analysis. When you're in a league where a lot of the waiver wire guys noted in these articles are already picked up, you need something like this to look deeper and find those overlooked players.

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