Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Need a New QB?

Did you by chance pick up Daunte thinking that he was going to be back to his old 2004 antics? (Yes, I did.) And suddenly you're in a panic now that he couldn't even dominate the Texans? (Yes, I am.) If you're thinking that it's time to move on, before you make any rash trades or crazy decisions, my buddy Ethan Conway has created an excellent spreadsheet on potentially available starting QBs. Conway lists the QBs with their remaining schedules and the pass defenses they will be up against (based on performance from Weeks 1 to 4). It's even color-coded (scroll to the right for the key).
Conway is in that sweet spot between grad school and a job and clearly has way, way too much time on his hands. But if the outcome is a helpful chart like this, then Conway, may you have this much free time every football season.

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