Monday, October 30, 2006

Trapped in a Stadium Sans Fantasy Stats

Yesterday I spent several hours basking in the sun (that's code for turning pale red and gaining even more freckles) at INVESCO Field watching a great Broncos/Colts game and squinting from my exceedingly high seat over to the jumbotron to try and read the fantasy stats as they scrolled across. I do love my Broncos - we made a trip out to Broncos training camp this August which only cemented my high opinion of Jason Elam, Al Wilson, Nick Ferguson, Tony Scheffler, Jay Cutler...the list goes on. So it was great to watch them again live and in action [photo from McKee]. And Peyton Manning is basically a sacred man in our household. So all told I thoroughly enjoyed being at the game (particularly with thanks to the half-priced tickets legislation at Mile High that made this trip possible). Yet I couldn't help but wish that I was at home with several games to choose from on tv and constant fantasy stats access. That seems so wrong. Of course part of it is probably because I really don't enjoy crowds and this was the third largest crowd in INVESCO history...but beyond that, I fear that I am getting swept up into the stats/winning aspect of it all and forgetting how much I love to watch football. Wait, scratch that. I fear that I am WAY swept up into it. Far past the initial stages. I mean I wake up on Sunday mornings really excited about the day and how my fantasy matchups will all play out. So what do I really love more - the football or the fantasy?

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