Monday, October 23, 2006

Football disasters

This was a tough weekend in my world of football. I returned to my alma mater over a long weekend for my 5 year reunion and went to the Northwestern vs. Michigan State game. The one which made history thanks to NU's complete inability to hold onto their 35 point lead? Yes. In some small way, being there and being surrounded by thousands of other sad Wildcats fans was easier than watching this defeat at my house. I also have had a rough weekend in the fantasy world thanks to some bye week replacements and some generally hideous performances. [However, I was delighted to see Gonzo return to his old ways!] So on that note, for those of you who, like me, need some serious help in getting out of a football funk this week, I will be scouring the www for help. Stay tuned.

And on a completely different note, cheers to Scott for a great Chicago Marathon, injured knee and all. You're the best.

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