Friday, October 13, 2006

IDP Help for Week 6

Here are a few articles to help with IDPs on bye; or just replacing bad IDPs.'s IDP Notes's The Hive

So it turns out that the janitor here does not actually live in a closet here at the library. She has a home but she spends the vast majority of her day in her closet here...much to the dismay of her hard-working coworkers it seems. But in other news, apparently several lab rats have escaped from their lab homes/cages and made their way across campus to the library. They are living here somewhere in the walls or in the stacks and are supposedly quite large. I've also heard a rumor that there is a "brunette Fabio-type of guy" that works in the basement. That is pretty entertaining. I'm feeling like there's no limit to things that could happen here. So here's to the weekend and many hours of football ahead.

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