Tuesday, February 05, 2008

So yeah, it is kind of quiet in football land...

Based on feedback from a handful of you, it seems that I might not have been congratulatory enough to the GMen for their Super Bowl victory. Giants fans, and anyone else who may have noted my lack of enthusiasm, my apologies! The Giants truly outplayed the Patriots on Sunday and kudos to the entire Giants team, coaches, staff, etc for a marvelous end to the 2007 season. Hmm, I sort of feel like my grandmother when I use the word marvelous. But "great" just doesn't cover it.

Moving on. Well only kind of. Sports Data Hub's Giant Potential in 2008 has a great question - how will the Super Bowl performances by Giants players affect their fantasy draft position in 2008? Personally, I still am on the fence about Eli as a QB1 - I just can't erase the regular season from my memory. I think Plax's injury also gives me continued concern about his ability to be a #1 WR all season long. There is no doubt in my mind that he is an elite WR - just can he stay healthy enough to draft him as a WR1 in fantasy? Clearly the Giants D has shown what an incredible unit they are and they might have benefited the most from their Super Bowl and playoffs play in general - I would be excited to have them on my fantasy team next year.

And what about the Patriots? Again, this is just my opinion but I think it's Maroney and Welker who may see the biggest boost in fantasy draft position from their playoffs performances. Maroney's only adequate Super Bowl performance may force him to fall a little in fantasy drafts and I'm okay with that - I'll be there to scoop him up. Love the guy.

For some other thoughts on this same topic, check out ProFantasySports.com's What's next for these Super Bowl participants?

Check out CBS Sports' Rumor Mill for the latest on football happenings. Will the Redskins snag Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo as their head coach? And Chad Johnson replaces Randy Moss in the Pro Bowl after Moss suffered an injury in the Super Bowl. Uh really? What injury did Moss suffer? Most likely the dude just doesn't want to play in the Pro Bowl and I can't really blame him. This is Chad Johnson's fifth straight Pro Bowl appearance.

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As for what to look for in 2008, watch the developments in Jacobs and Ward... if Jacobs gets hurt and something like Ward not getting re-signed occurs, the parting of the Red Sea could make for Ahmad Bradshaw becoming the steal of RBs. I would stay away from him if both (Ward and Jacobs) are on the roster and healthy. But if not, AB has the talent to dominate. I will put it to you another way, if ultimatenyg was the new coach of the Giants AB would be getting 20-25 touches a game REGARDLESS of whether Jacobs and/or Ward were on my team, and AB would be racking up 1500 yards on the ground and 500 receiving. He is the real deal. Steve Smith is also, problem is that they all have to share the ball on this offense.