Thursday, February 26, 2009

Curling trials and free agency updates

My brother-in-law is coming into town tomorrow for a long weekend and I believe we'll be rocking the U.S. Olympic Trials for curling this Saturday. Try to hide your jealousy; the curling trials are being held just a few towns down from Boulder and I sort of feel like this might be a once in a lifetime chance to see curling in person. Who knows, maybe one day curling will be all the rage and I'll travel far and wide to watch my grandchildren win curling championships...but for now this might be as close as I ever get to such a random sport.

Today's links are as follows:

  • Having just snagged Derrick Ward in my mock draft, I'm pleased to see Gregg Rosenthal's support for Ward as the most solid free agent RB in one of his latest posts on Pancake Blocks.
  • Early last season I remember grabbing Chansi Stuckey off of waivers after he put together a few solid weeks in a row. His value immediately tanked but I'm envisioning an increase in FFers that might be willing to take a chance on Chansi (sorry, couldn't help but make the pun) now that Laveranues Coles has left the Jets (and thanks, Coles, for making the headlines and forcing me to think about the spelling of your first name again). Or what about Clowney? I admit, I have a hard time taking someone seriously who has "clown" in their name but may he prove me wrong.
  • Over the next month or two as we gear up for NFL Draft day, we will hear often and early about the much ballyhooed rookies entering the draft...The Hazean lists many big college names in his Rookie report: Losers from the Scouting Combine. Stay tuned for his Combine winners report.
  • It truly is the end of an era when Marvin Harrison barely breaks into CBS Sports' Top 50 Free Agents: Think young, start with Albert.
  • You can also get your free agent rankings from Yahoo's Top 100 free agents of '09 - an interesting crop of RBs at the bottom of that list.
  • I find it completely astounding that there are (at this time) 865 comments on a story about Goodell's voluntary 20% pay cut that has been up for only about 14 hours. Goes to show a few things: 1. just how engaged with the economy we all are and 2. that a gigantic number of people spend their free time not just posting but perusing the comments section in depth and 3. the willingness of some to share personal information in this anonymous environment - this surprises me ALL the time.
All for now friends; and I might be quiet for the next few days since my brother-in-law will be here and we'll busy curling and Colorado-ing it up. Enjoy the weekend!


Unknown said...

Curling rules! I am jealous.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I might hop in the curling trials. I could curl all day, as my biceps show.


Anonymous said...

Make sure you post some pictures of the curling event.