Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday links for the offseason

This afternoon my dad (an awesome dude and talented writer who as of his retirement a few years ago had written more articles for the National Geographic than any other writer on subjects ranging from archaeological digs to Halley's Comet to Neandertals) is coming to Boulder for a long weekend. I'm psyched to have family visit since they're all east coasters and I don't get to see them as often as I'd like. So my mind has been on my family and less so on football...but I think I can rummage up a few links.

  • Now that the Super Bowl is over it's time to start focusing on free agency, which starts on February 27th, just a few weeks from now. offers up a Free Agency Snapshot with a list of offensive skill position guys that are free agents this year, divided up by position. Many of these players are worth keeping an eye on during the offseason.
  • If you've ever felt that nothing really happens in the football world during the offseason then you need to check out Advanced NFL Stats - this post goes over some of the really interesting work done during last year's offseason and some of the planned projects for this offseason. I can't wait. And of course the librarian in me can't wait to see that Advanced NFL Stats reading list...
  • If the phrase "2009 Fantasy Football Predictions" doesn't have you salivating then you might be on the wrong site. In this article FFXtreme writers take a stab at answering questions about sleepers, risks, and breakout players for the upcoming 2009 season.
  • AccuScore has proven that their computer simulations are just as smart if not smarter than most NFL analysts. ran a 2008 NFL Panel o' Experts and AccuScore tied with ESPN's Merril Hoge with a 67% winning percentage. So here's to Merril and the AccuScore computer!
Enjoy your weekends and don't forget to watch the Pro Bowl (personally, I'm not sure I can talk my Dad into watching it...might have to use my NFL Rewind subscription to watch it next week).

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Thanks for the resources. Can't wait for the Draft.