Tuesday, June 08, 2010

And so it begins!

Wow, I've been quiet on FFLibrarian over the past few days - thanks for your patience, it has been a nutty week. I've ventured to the Brooklyn DMV for a New York license, I've celebrated my 31st birthday, and I've hit the pavement searching (fruitlessly) for a new apartment in NYC. For those who know how "fun" the apartment search in this city can be, you know just what kind of a day we had on Sunday...toss in some crazy heat and a pregnant lady, and man...good times!

But on the plus side, many fantasy sites are reawakening from a long offseason slumber this week and I'm seeing all sorts of awesome material out there. Plus in just a few hours I hop on a plane and head to Chicago for the FSTA (Fantasy Sports Trade Association) Summer Conference - you can follow along with the experts drafts tonight, as well as the rest of the conference on my FSTA Conference blog.

So without further ado let's get to today's highlights:

  • One of those sites that's back for the season finally is Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy and they're cranking out their offensive line analysis, team by team - man, I love this series. I'm linking over to the Bears o-line piece in honor of my trip to Chicago today, but there are quite a few up already so definitely poke around the site
  • Another one of my favorite fantasy writers is back - definitely take a look at The Talented Mr. Roto/Matthew Berry's Top 150 preseason rankings, which also notes each player's positional rank.
  • Meanwhile one of my favorite sites, Rotoworld, continues to crank out articles - check out this one on Backup Runners, which they divide up into the elite, the handcuffs, those that are particularly helpful in PPR leagues, etc.
  • Herbie Teope from the "Fantasy Huddle" show and a writer for the Kansas City Star has polled a bunch of experts in the fantasy industry on their thoughts for the 2010 season, and I was lucky enough to be one of them. Do you agree with me that Chris Johnson should go #1 overall ahead of Adrian Peterson? Who are you avoiding this year? Or acquiring at all costs?
  • The IDP Guru continues the defensive player tiers with dynasty rankings for Defensive Linemen and Defensive Backs.
  • Or turn to CBSSports.com's Getting defensive: IDP rankings for 2010. I play in an IDP-heavy league with Dave Richard from CBS and some other hot shots out there, so I always enjoy seeing Dave's early thoughts on IDPers.
  • Razzball takes a look at how drafts are evolving and where players are falling in early mocks for the 2010 season in It's an Everyday Draft Position. Not only do you get some of Doc's amusing commentary but some solid thoughts on where and when to take some key players. On a side note, I was reading the comments about Frank Gore and gotta reiterate how much I love the guy. He was a top 5 back in many standard and PPR leagues last year (very quietly I might add) and now he has a bolstered o-line to help him (and Alex Smith) out? Love it. I'm all about Gore this year...what do you guys think?


the Fantasy Scholar said...

On Frank Gore... I had him last year and i'm in a draft slot where he's projected to go this year. I'm fervently trying to move out of that slot. Either up or down. He puts up numbers but they're quite lumpy. Last year 5 of the 13 regular season weeks of fantasy football he put up 10 pts or less in non PPR leagues. Not to mention he missed 3 weeks. You can't have your #1 pick fade for weeks on end or be a consistent injury risk. He puts up great numbers on a yearly basis but when that production is made makes all the difference. Granted he performed very well in the fantasy playoff weeks of 14, 15 & 16 (and 17 for that matter) but did he cost you a spot in the playoffs to begin with? If i can't trade out of that slot i may "reach" for a safer option. Oh and i've lived in midtown for 8 years... apartment hunting is the worst. Finding an honest agent is priceless. Best of luck with your search!!!

AlleyGater said...

I too am not a Gore fan due to his injuries. Having said that everything I read points to Gore having it good this year. No, like uber-good. Sarah mentioned beefed up o-line to which I'll throw in, more maturity in the sf passing game which will keep defenses honest thus better for the run game. AFC West has some of the worst teams in it which means a few gimmee games with bad defenses. Which leads directly into a good Strength of Schedule overall. And best of all, an amazing Strength of Schedule during weeks 14-16 -- playoff time. So despite, the fact that I usually avoid Gore, I'm thinking about possibly even reaching up for him. Sure it's a gamble but one with huge upside this year. An every down back with proven consistency, with an offense built specifically around him, with an easy schedule on a team about to own their division who loves their new coach and will work hard for him, primed for a playoff run. This is a recipe for success. If he can just not get injured I think all sign point to Gore having a banner year to cap a special career. Count me in as a passenger on the Gore train.