Monday, December 13, 2010

Advice to get Week 15 prep going

Oh the Broncos are dismal; the weather here is rather dismal; I dismally went to the dentist today and learned a filling needs to be redone; and my cat is dismally on his way to the vet to get a spot on his leg checked out that he's been chewing at like crazy (probably his protest for having an infant in the house, stealing his snuggle time). So things are mildly dismal in the FFLibrarian world except for the fact that we magically have two MNF games tonight...and that infant, oh he slept for over 8 hours one night this weekend. Solid. My return to sanity and normalcy is in sight, my friends.

Enjoy the double MNF night and I hope you all are looking at great numbers from your first weekend of the playoffs (despite Aaron Rodgers of course). Hope this links help!

Enjoy tonight's games!


Randy said...

Thanks for all your work, Sara.

Outside of a miracle in my two leagues, I'm going out in the first round. My team couldn't make up for Aaron Rodgers' zero points. Rodgers was one of two players I started in both leagues. Ouch!

LestersLegends said...

8 hours of sleep. That is awesome from a newborn. I saw the deflated dome with my own eyes yesterday. Quite a sight. Now was it divine intervention so #4 can play tonight?