Thursday, December 02, 2010

Flying into Week 13 links

Just bought a ticket to fly out to Colorado with our son to visit friends next month. My husband is flying out a few days ahead of us for a conference so I've got some fun times alone with an infant on a plane. I'm in awe of any and all parents that do this with some frequency as the idea alone freaks me out enough that I considered trying to talk my mom into do a hellish one day fly-to-CO-and-back-home kind of trip. Then I realized it's time to man up though, right? In between worrying about a trip that's weeks away though I of course found some more Week 13 links for you. Again, remember we've got a Thursday Night game tonight!

I'll be back tomorrow with more links!


LestersLegends said...

Good luck on the flight. Hopefully you can time his nap with the flight.

Should be an awesome game tonight.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Love your blog (maybe because I live in Brooklyn and am an NU grad?). Anyway, we flew to Hawaii with our 4-month old for family - and were given a great tip.

Get a seat just behind the bulkhead wall. There are actually little hooks on that wall that the airline can attach a basinet to. Your little one can rest lying down the entire flight.

Good luck!

Ivar Anderson said...

Sara, I felt blessed because both my sons were good flyers. Of course, that was all pre-9/11, and much easier to get to the plane. Good luck.