Monday, December 20, 2010

Start of Week 16 prep

If you're still hanging around, congrats! That means you at least have a fighting chance to win your league and you might even just be fine-tuning your dominant, masterful, A+ team that you developed over the course of reading all these helpful articles. Before we get to even more awesome links I just wanted to give you all a heads up that my postings this week will be sporadic at best since we're heading home to see family for the holidays tomorrow. I'll be sure to get some start/sit links up by the end of the week and will of course do my best to get that consensus list up. Safe travels to those of you who will be plane, train, or automobiling it this week, too, and check back mid-week for more links!


Anonymous said...

Short week, and I have some start/sit questions. Looking forward to some insight.

Unknown said...

Please advise,
I am in Semifinal of our Yahoo 12 team FF Playoffs, our league offers points for return yardage...
1 QB
M.Vick or T.Brady
3 WR
V.Jackson, M.Williams(TB), P.GArcon, J.Cribbs,D.Branch, S.Logan or.....***plus I have the option of including Joe Webb as a WR
2 RB
S.Jackson, A.Peterson, T.Gerhart, D.Sproles, or R.Bush

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the work this year. I have really appreciated it. Have a Happy Holiday season and great New Year.

Till next season!


Pepe said...

this is the best fantasy site i know.. i hope u make this work for many years....

thanks for ur efford and have a great holidays :)

a true fantasy friend