Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday happenings in fantasyland

Hmm, I knew the holidays would be crazy since they always are - trying to juggle various factions of my family, trying to see my friends, and the added bonus of tending to our little dude has made things a bit challenging around here. Thanks for bearing with me during my quiet week here; championship time is no time for me to go dark!

Let's get to today's links - lots of start and sit advice with a dash of rankings.

Don't forget that there's a game both tonight and on Saturday in addition to our normal Sunday slate of games. Best of luck to everyone and in case I don't get the consensus start/sit list up, Merry Christmas as well! But I promise I will do my best to get that list up...


Anonymous said...

Please do your best to get the consensus list up! And in any event, Happy Holidays.

Drake said...

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