Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Making the unlikely happen

Remember last week how I mentioned our need to pull to the lead in the waiver wire run for daycare for our little dude? Well we've had some major success and he's got a 3-days-a-week spot waiting for him in January, which to me might just be the equivalent of making the fantasy playoffs. No, scratch that, even winning my whole damn league. It's an awesome feeling when something you think is unlikely to happen actually pulls through...and makes your life that much easier. So here's to those of you who were on the playoffs cusp and actually made it in - kudos, and may these links lead to your continued success!

Let's get to today's links:


Kate said...

Way to go getting into day care! That is like winning your league! I unfortunately did not win in either of my leagues but came in dead last. I blame this on my QB choices. Anyhoo, thank you so much for posting links to keeper leagues!

Unknown said...

thanks for the keeper/dynasty info!