Thursday, August 22, 2013

Draft day getting closer!

It's a busy week in the FFLibrarian household. Last night we went to the University of Tennessee's football team Welcome Back BBQ, which is a chance for fans to meet and greet with some football players and get excited for the season. We thought our son would love it and he did, but had an unexpected fear of the giant Smokey the Dog mascot...turns out humans dressed as creatures might not be his thing. For now. And tonight we've got about 30 people from my husband's department at the university coming to our house for dinner to celebrate the start of the academic year. I've spent some time trying to hide our usual level of chaos, cat fur, and toys, so I haven't had quite as much time to blog between our various events this week; but I'm back now, baby!

Before I get to today's links, let's talk about Yahoo and Buffalo Wild Wings getting together to create a National Draft Day. Kind of love the idea. A few years ago I won a BWW-sponsored league and they sent me to the Super Bowl, so I basically have great love for BWW for eternity. But how can I not love a place that wants to establish a national fantasy football holiday?! Head on over to your local BWW to host your draft party this Saturday, 8/24, and get a free draft kit. If you're in Dallas or Minneapolis, you're in luck since Brad Evans and Andy Behrens will be on-site at a BWW in those cities to give draft advice in person. 

  • Some preseason week 2 analysis continues:
  • If you're a long-time reader, you probably know what great respect I have for Football Outsiders - here I love their look at how their KUBIAK rankings compare to ADP to determine which players they believe are going too high: 2013 KUBIAK vs ADP: The Overrated
  • I find Thomas Casale to be a highly entertaining and informative fantasy expert so of course I'm sending you on over to his Fire Sale: 2013 Breakout Players column with Find out which 7 guys he's excited about as the top sleeper/breakout candidates of the season.
  • Or on the flip side, see Rotoworld's The Shy-Away Top 40 for a list of dudes you might want to avoid. 
  •'s Dave Richard has recently wrapped up a pick-by-pick look at each draft spot in a 12-team league - here's a link to the number 11 pick, but you can get to each pick from this link, too.
  •'s player projections are ready to roll and keep in mind that they are completely customizable with free registration.
  • Roto Arcade's weekly roundtable Over/Under talk - Foster fears gripping Fantasyland
  • Catalog this one under Things to Keep an Eye On as the future of NFL Sunday Ticket (going Google?!) is discussed. 
Finally, I'm slowly updating my average position rankings spreadsheet and have mostly wrapped it up. This year I also added a tab called Overall Tiers - basically using k-means cluster analysis, it splits all ranked players into 45 tiers based on their overall ranking. I'm hoping to also add positional tiers if I get the chance. I have just one or two more things to add to the spreadsheet and then I'll put the excel version up on dropbox.


Anonymous said...

FYI: Chris(topher) Ivory is mentioned twice in your "overall tiers" spreadsheet at 60 and 70.

Teresa said...

Is your tier spreadsheet for PPR leagues?
Thanks for all your info.

Anonymous said...

as always the best of the best

Anonymous said...

? would U trade B marshall & R bush 4 T richardson?