Tuesday, September 08, 2015

2015 Week 1 waivers, rankings, etc

And BOOM, Week 1 is here. I'm going to be honest here: my excitement level for the season has officially ratcheted up. I was feeling kind of ho-hum about football this year, but perhaps the proximity to the first games of the season has triggered some long-overdue excitement on my part. Or maybe it's the football enthusiasm coming from my son (seriously, the boy chose to watch college football instead of Dinosaur Train this weekend - can I even tell you what a coup that was for the sport of football??). But it doesn't matter why, I'll take it. Football is back, NFL, college, it's all here and I am psyched. So let's get to the Week 1 links:


Anonymous said...

Yes on the streamers. I always stream defense and kicker and the last two years I tried QB which doesn't always work in a league where some folks hog 3 QBs.

Shari said...

I stream defenses and last year found the info on your site very helpful. I don't carry two QB's or TE's so I need streaming info in case of an injury or bye. Love your site - thanks!