Thursday, September 10, 2015

NFL. Starship. YES. Oh and Week 1 linkage!

This will undoubtedly make some of you feel old, and some of you feel first record (yes, LP) was a double-sided gem from Starship; "Sara" on one side (for obvious reasons that was a favorite of mine) and "We Built This City" on the other. I used to play that record over and over until the rest of my family was probably beyond sick of hearing it. So it seems fitting that 30 years later, both of my boys are somehow ridiculously into "We Built this City" and will run around the house yell-singing the lyrics. The almost 5 yo is actually trying to learn the lyrics (I swear I heard him say "my pony plays the mamba" this morning, which frankly seems about right) while the almost 2 yo seems to just be repeating "rock and roll" nonstop. Anyway, you're welcome for this great little earworm going in your head all day, but the song actually came on this morning on the radio on our drive to the boys' school and I think we all knew at that moment that it was going to be an awesome day. I mean, Starship and the NFL? Bonus. So let's jump right to today's link fest:


kate reymann said...

My six year old freaking LOOOOOOOVES that song. I also used to play it on repeat when I was young and now it is a staple in our car.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Kate, when you decide to move to Knoxville let me know since after years of your comments here, I'm pretty sure we'd be BFFs. Always good to hear from you and if you've found a way to possibly explain the lyrics of "We Built This City" to your 6 yo, do share ("Mommy, what are they even talking about?" has been asked here on occasion)!

kate reymann said...

I am so glad you feel this way too because I have secretly harbored this thought for years as well! :-) My son and I mostly have friendly arguments about what part of the song we like best (I like the DJ's voice in the middle because I grew up in California and it makes me instantly nostalgic for our trips to San Francisco. Luke's favorite parts are "every part except the DJ") Thankfully I have not been called on to provide lyric explanation but he did ask me once what the lyrics to Bruce Springsteen's I'm On Fire meant and I was relieved when he was satisfied with the answer than the singer was just really hot and maybe having a bad dream.